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MS 51 Library: Tech Tips

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Common Sense Media Digital Literacy

Diigo & Social Bookmarking

Google Apps Tips

Google Chrome Tips

Online Search Tips & Tools

Try these sites & tools to get a fresh perspective on your online search.

Google Tips:

Need a specific word or phrase to come up in your search? Put it "in quotes."

Want to look only within a particular site? Google "site:" and then the URL for the site you want to search. (Ex:

Want a specific file type? A JPG, a GIF, a PDF? Include file:filetype (ex. file:jpg) and your search terms. 

Need something very recent? Use the "tools" dropdown menu to select a time range for your results. 

Use Control+F to find specific words or phrases within your results document. 


Microsoft Office Tips


Take screenshots of your desktop, an application running on your desktop or in your browser.

Windows Tips

Printscreen key on keyboard – creates an image of the whole screen and puts it in your clipboard, from there you can paste it into any software that will let you paste from the clipboard.
Alt-Printscreen – Takes a screenshot of the active window.
Snipping tool – Free tool built into windows, outline a freeform area, select a rectangular or freeform area, various options for saving.

Macintosh Tips

Command-shift-3 – whole screen is copied to your clipboard
Command-shift-4 -portion of the screen is copied to the clipboard

Mobile Devices and Tablets

How to take a screenshot of your iPhone or iPad  – Push the Power and Home buttons at the same time. The screenshot will appear in your iPad photostream.
Taking a screenshot on Android devices varies from device to device. Do a web search for help on this one.

Quote Graphics and Word Clouds

Powerpoint and Google Slides are handy tools for making a bunch of photo/quote images quickly. Paste a photo into a slide & use the title area to write a quote over top. “Save As JPEG” will export each slide as separate image.

These online tools for creating quote graphics and word clouds benefit from having access to thousands of Creative Commons 0 licensed photos and lots of fonts.


Using Photos